Hardware by Philip Brainard is truly custom. Each piece is created or the customer. The customer collaborates with him, orders it, and then itʼs created. If the customer does not know what they want, he provides examples for them. Or, he creates what the customer sees in their minds eye as beautifully as possible. Justas the old smith stood at the village crossroads and lled the needs of each person, so Philip stands ready to serve your needs with skill and pride.Philip Brainard employs traditional techniques and is capable of producing an almost limitless variety of decorative and functional hardware. Phil is able to manage all aspects of manufacturing, engineering, pattern making, casting, machining, chasing, plating, and nishing.

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A complete repair and renovation service is available for all cast, forged or custom made metal and glass objects. This covers the manufacture of new parts, restoration of old parts and replacement of broken and worn-out electronics.


Metalwork is an ancient art. The work of Philip Brainard is where the past and present meet. Sculpture, patterns, and molds are hand-crafted and individually poured. Despite use of some modern aids, bronze casting in this manner forms a link with the past.



Philip C. Brainard, Jr.

P.O. Box 434
Santa Barbara, CA 93102